Clock Day DEAL OR NO DEAL!!!

2007-08-15 09:09:33 by Frank2982

Hey every one. Well me and Floss finally finished our Clock Day flash. He wanted it done ASAP when we started in late May/early June. But I was lazy and figured we might as well save it for Clock Day. I have never submitted any thing for Clock Day since my last flash was 4 and a half years ago. So every one go and enough Deal Or No Deal!! The way it should be! Also there are 3 bonus animations in there plus a link to a youtube video of an interview of me, the guy that coded the game! Happy Clock Day every one!!!

Deal Or No Deal: Clock Crew Edition - With 3 bonus clips and a youtube interview!!

I really wish I could respond to reviews on the game. But since Floss submitted it, I can't. So I will respond here; in a FAQ style.

I got the million dollar case the first time (within a few tries).
Good for you, play the lottery if you are that lucky. But really, I tested it and only got the million like 5 times and trust me I tested it alot.

The amounts don't move. I know where a number will pop up. I saw the same value in the same case 5 times in a row.
I don't know what to tell you. Maybe your computer sucks or something. The algorithm for setting the random cases has been tested many times. Never once has a value been in a case right after each other (that I noticed). If the case is the same value for you, take a break and let the random number generator reset. Go watch one of the little shorts or the youtube interview video in the flash.


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2007-08-15 11:00:56

Hey, You got on the front page, congrats.

Frank2982 responds:

Thanks! I thought your flash was pretty funny by the way. As an old saying goes, if you can't laugh at your self, then well umm I don't know the saying. But there are alot of good anti-clock flash as there are pro-clock flash. <3


2007-08-15 11:03:47

Super Awesome Game ;D

Frank2982 responds:

Thanks! We are hoping to get a high score system set up for the Clock Crew Arcade. Since the million might get caught by people more than once, I will probably see about making it so it says how many times you get a million once that occurs.


2007-08-28 16:27:24

Hey guys, DOND CC edition was a good game. I would like to join the CC. I have an awesome character idea and so does my friend itsamadhouse. He also wants to join. I dont even have Flash yet :( but i am probably goin to download my free trial soon enough. I want to make Anti-KK flashes to give those KK assholes just what they deserve for spamming NG. I'm pretty sure everyone in CC hates them as well, along with most other NG users. I am going to create a Kitty Krew Resistance Team to make Anti-KK flashes. Any users from NG can join this resistance to show them not to fuck up the portal anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2007-08-28 16:28:50

Sry, I forgot to ask something: How do I join CC?