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I don't know what every one is complaining about..

I mean I gave it a 5. I think they might have been watching a different movie.


Don't thread on me. thx. I wanna do a collab with ZL. But all I could do is probably come up with an idea.

ZombieLincoln responds:

(stamp stamp stamp)


I saw this on youtube. I think you stole it from there. It was better there any ways. <3 Actually here I can vote 5 and still review it a 10. So that trumps youtube then. I wish I saved my movies .fla so I can put them on youtube. But that was before youtube was even thought of. So I guess it would have been hard for me to plan that. Oh yeah the movie was cool too. Sorry for talking about myself. Damn, I suck.

biblo responds:

im a theif

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Pretty Good Game

But it gets boring towards the later levels cause there is really no reason to keep going unless you are bored. Maybe if you can put a scoring system or something in. Also I do like that you don't have to restart at the beginning if you run out of the stuff in a level. But if you make a scoring system maybe you should have lives or something that will end up making you have to restart.

Good Game!

But it is literally impossible to get 3 orders of any one thing from the automated machines. The time it takes to pick an item up and go back and then wait for it to make another one is just too much time. Especially if you have other orders. At least then you can go get something else while it is being made, but like others have said. If you have something like that, you can't help but get an order wrong. But overall good concept. I liked it a lot.


Glad I could help every one find their true calling in life. Now if only I could win the big game I wouldn't have to be a counsler any more.

StrangeClock responds:

It's not the most respectful job in the world, but someone's gotta do it!

OMG I am back guys! Why did I spend so much time away from NG? I Dunno!

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