OMG It's my birthday!!!

2008-02-09 13:01:52 by Frank2982

So yeah. It's my birthday. Today I am 26. Looking back at my times on NG, I realize a few things. As I get older I stay here but the shift of people has changed. Much like any thing else for people that stay in one place while others move on with their lives. Sure some might stop back every once in a while but for the most part you don't see them that often.

That is such with the core crew of people I used to talk to on NG. Of course I don't come here that often as well. But when I do its mostly to vote and to just check out whats going on at the BBS every once in a while. Any ways. Happy Birthday to me. And if you were on NG around 2000-2003 and are reading this. Chances are I might know you. Ah the old days. The birth of the Clock Crew. The crazy introduction to using video in flash. George Bush getting elected. :( Well... 2 out of 3 aint bad.


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2008-02-21 11:15:48

Happy Late Birthday Frank!


2008-03-16 20:51:14

haha thats funny...or is it


2008-05-06 20:14:31

happy bday. yet, i msut tell im here since 2001. too bad i didnt signed up. :O


2010-04-25 18:59:41

<3 FrankClock